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August In May...
Great has been my anguish and discomfort. Poor old Lula Dog also suffers very badly from pollen and warm weather, which is a bit of a worry. R Next Door is now wailing that she'll never survive the summer, if it keeps up like this...
Enjoyed watching THE HOLLOW CROWN last night. I quite like the clunky Henry VI plays; plenty of battles and dastardliness. They also take me back to my obsession, at about 12, with AN AGE OF KINGS, which my sister and I watched religiously. I was particularly enthralled by Paul Daneman as a crewcut Crookback, with a great line in jocular evil. Jeez, so long ago...
RAN is on, now. I remember actually finding it boring, and I'm too feeble to try again, now, but I'll have a look, when it cools off a bit. I'm sure I was just in the wrong mood, or something the first time I watched it.

AGE OF KINGS  Gloucester plots gleefully.


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