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Already starting to feel a bit sick, as the temperature rises...
The MetOpera broadcast of Strauss' ELEKTRA  yesterday was really intense. The cast was well into it, especially Nina Stemme, who was pretty frightening. I felt so weak afterwards I could hardly walk home. Criminy
May go to the pictures again, tomorrow to see AVENGERS: CIVIL WAR. You can't say my tastes ain't eclectic.


R Next Door was telling me about some toxic cloud that's supposed to be heading for the UK tomorrow. She saw it in the Evening Standard, but I couldn't find anything anywhere else. She reckons 'sickly old people like yew' are supposed to stay indoors with the windows shut...

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Can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but hypothyroid and iron deficiency often travel together. Lots of things can cause weakness and low energy, of course, including the thyroid itself not being adequately treated, but if you haven't had your iron levels checked it might be an idea.

Yeah, it turned up on FB and the Guardian app - gone pretty quiet again, though.

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