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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Moody, Morose and Meh...
Still toothgrindingly vexed over the current computer SNAFU. Viruses, I suspect, but I don't know what to do. It's incredibly slow, won't close down properly, and is doing all manner of indescribably odd things.
If you've not seen the beautiful Russian film of HAMLET, there's a rare TV airing on BBC4 tonight, at 10:45. There's gorgeous B&W cinematography, a Shoshtakovich score and the spookiest Ghost evah. The rather dishy Innokenti Smoktunovsky may be a bit mature for the part, but so was Olivier, and indeed most well-known exponents. He's good, anyway, and all in all, it's one of my favourite versions.

I'm sitting here in a raggedy old kaftan, stinking like a billygoat, and have just eaten a hugely calorific great chunk of cheddar cheese. I am DEPRESSED!!! The flat looks like the anguished dectective's festering caravan in HINTERLAND. Must...do...something. At least I'm still exercising, but I'm in a semicoma most of the time, otherwise. Glub.
Made the mistake of watching a documentary about this poor man who had a cold, and developed some sort of toxic shock that left him limbless, with a grotesque hole for a mouth. His partner stuck with him,and he now seems happier than he was before he become a crippled monstrosity. It made me feel guilty about whining all the time, of course, but...
Glad to see that the rollicking PENNY DREADFUL is back on Sky Atlantic, this week, anyway. Just hope the PC will let me watch it.
Accomplishment of the day: Changed the sheets! ( Well, it is difficult when one side of the bed is nearly up against the wall, as the room's so small )
Sill  can't download doodles, bugger it.

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Eek. Maybe a good time to put everything in dropbox/cloud, and bring in some big virus scanners. I lost a laptop to bluescreen last year. It was happening often so I got everything backed up and tried to sort it with a reformat, which seemed to power-up the bluescreen like...Green Goblin to Galactus. I had got  a replacement from the cex store, looking for a good disk size and processing speed.

Certainly does sound like a potential virus. There are many good and free antiviruses out there, but the easiest is probably Microsoft's own one:


Cheese is good for you, even the fat is not as dreadful as was once thought. Eat more cheese but eat less sugar.

Mmmmm - cheese.

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