Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Mayfair Madness...

Went to Grafton Street to see the R Crumb ART AND BEAUTY exhibit, which seemed to be attracting a lot of interest for the time of day, but not too crowded, thank gods. It was quite entertaining, of course. Getting around the area was horrific, though. The streets are all dug up, and lorries are just mounting the pavement and comin' atcha all over the place. This man and I had to actually hop out ot the way and flatten ourselves against a railing. Ohhh, my nerves. There was this big chorus of frenzied horn blowing going on incessantly. too.To what purpose? It wasn't going to get them anywhere any faster. London is getting harder to live in all the time.
While I was in the area, I popped into the beautifully kitsch Farm Street church again, to soak up a little serenity.
Those HOLLOW CROWN Shakespeares are being repeated on BBC4 all week HENRY !V PART ONE tonight. They're terrific, if anyone missed them.
I don't seem to be able to download any doodles at the moment. Now what?


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