Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Gawd, I'm Senile!...

Went to the Wellcome Collection to see the current exhibits, especially 'This Is A Voice'.  I was there most of the afternoon, and left with scrambled brains and a headache.This is the first time I've seen anything there that I wasn't completely favourable about. Both shows were comprised of mostly confusing installations, a lot of overlapping soundtracks, quite technical labels, which were difficult to read in the dim light,and...argh...just general sensory overload. Is it because I'm so old? I'm feeling fretful, now. Dementia looms...
That  replica of the arch from Palmyra looks wery wee (I think it's about 3/4 actual size), and a bit sad in Trafalgar Square.
I was quite shocked to hear of the death of the wonderful Victoria Wood at 62. Is there really some sort of celebrity (usually quite early-) death plague going on? Certainly feels like it.
God, my eyes are itchy, and my nose, and my throat...Bah. 'Lovely day' though.

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