Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Hilma Af Klint!

Popped into the Serpentine Gallery to check out the rather obscure, esoteric work of abstact pioneer Hilma Af Klint. Abstaction isn't really my thing, but this woman was a proper mystic, and her work, which. of course, I couldn't understand at all, was still very seductive and powerful. The strange images are haunting me. I may go again, if I get a chance, before it closes on 15 May. It was a bit crowded, even at off-peak, with a lot of 'foreign' witchy types. Very interesting indeed.

My mouth is still feeling weird, but doesn't actually hurt, and there's no visible swelling.
The tent is still in the dog park, but there's still no litter or anything, mercifully.
In last night's dream, I was clearing out some old file cabinets with EASTENDERS Stacey, who suddenly gave birth to a grey poodle (a rather alarming sight to witness!)  Against my will, I was drawn into helping her escape from some Nazi/Satanist types, who were set on murdering her and the dogbaby, which was worryingly frisky and difficult to keep hidden.


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