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Tooth Trouble, Comic Heroine...



Dentist says the prognosis is very bad for the broken tooth, but he'll try replacing the crown just one more time...I go back on the 25th, and 'may be uncomfortable' until then.(That's a dentist euphemism, like when they say 'You may feel a bit of pressure, now...' before planting a foot on your chest and YANKing...) All very sucky. I think I may be eating mostly gruel for the next ten days.


It turned wet and chilly, and between the tooth thing, chronic exhaustion and nausea, not to mention the 'social phobia', I couldn't have felt less like going back to the House of Illustration for the Aline Kominsky-Crumb 'in conversation' event. I was just on time, as well, despite leaving at 5:30, due to the inevitable gridlock. I ran into Francesca C and Paul Gravett, but as per usual, was far too freaked out by all  'the noise and the people' to utter anything intelligible. 'Normal' people must think I'm just a fucking imbecile, and rude with it...Oh well, what can you do? I yam wot I yam.
Anyway, it was really a kick to actually see 'her'. She has a surprisingly melodious voice and, honestly, the most astouding pair of cheekbones EVER, Hard to believe they're not implants, or something. I would have preferred a bit more of the 'conversation' instead of Aline having to read out the dialogue of a bunch of her strips, but it was all good.
I was intrigued by a story I hadn't heard, about how she actually lost money on NEED MORE LOVE, due to a bad publisher's cock-ups. I wished I'd brought my copy along to be signed,as it might become valuable, due to the scarcity factor. I wouldn't have dared, though. I would also have liked to chat a bit about Serbia with her, as from a strip Sasa sent me, I gather that she and Crumb find the place as strangely seductive and inspiring as I do. Anyway, I rushed off into the drizzly (King's Cross-Ew!) dark immediately after the event ended, as is my pathetic wont. I'm glad I made it, though,
I've been very crook today, the tooth chasm, plus queasy gut (Could I be getting gallstones? It's a common problem after weight reduction surgery-) my bad leg playing up, ETC. What an old crock I am. Anyway. seeing Aline has inspired me to draw more...or want to draw more, anyway.


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