Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

A Bit Of Arrrrgh!, A Bit Of Ahhhh...

Gotta go to the (shudder) dentist in the morning. One of my back teeth has been feeling weird for a while now, but I was putting off sorting it out. Today the bloody crown just plopped out while I was eating meusli. Oh well, at least I didn't swallow it.
It was bloody hot, too. Not only does it vex me, but it's not good for poor old Lula either. She (like me-) is all dripping snot, and coughing, in addition to the usual ailments. Still, it looked lovely out, and a lot of people were enjoying themselves.
I went to the House of Illustration for the first time. I'm totally unfamiliar with the 'new' area behind Kings Cross station, but it actually wasn't too difficult to find, and it's only a short walk.
I was well impressed with the exhibit of women cartoonists. There's a lot to see (I must have been there two and a half hours-) and in addition to the well-known US/UK creators who always appear, there were quite a few international artists, and some I'd never heard of (Didn't know there were any gurlz producing Tiajuana Bibles...) or whose work I had never seen 'in real life.' Don't forget to watch the film at the end, which consists of clips of some ot the artists talking about their work, and their feelings about comics. It's fascinating. I'm going back Friday evening, I hope, for the Aline Kominsky-Crumb interview.


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