Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Aching And Creaking...

Yow, I'm in a world of pain today, knees, shoulder, thumb... Dammit! It's getting hot, too.
The David Gest sudden death thing is a bit spooky, so soon after his being mistakenly thought dead on.Celeb Big Brother. He was also planning a national tour jokily publicised by his 'demise'. I kind of liked him, actually; despite his grotesque appearace, weird relationship with Laza Minelli, etc. He seemed, in many ways, a sincerely good-natured guy. RIP.
Finished watching series 4 of HOUSE OF CARDS over the weekend. Frank and Claire are now poised to plumb new depths of incredible EEEvil. Har!
FOLLOW THE MONEY is getting rather livelier, as it heads for its climax, and there's finally an appealing character on board. (Batista!)
Not terribly impressed by ITV thriller MARCELLA so far. Her husband, I reckon...
Went to see MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, which was just OK. While it was certainly nothing to get excited about, as some crits claimed, it wasn't quite as lame as soime of the other reviews suggested, and there were a couple of decent 'jumps'.


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