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Another Wasted Day...
Another cold, showery morning. Had to dig out my Village Idiot hat.
Was feeling rather guilty. (My mega-morbid mind doesn't allow me to enjoy anything too long...) that my bit of benefit hasn't (yet) been snatched, somehow. I was thinking of people who have had their mobility aids taken from them, not to mention those who have been harassed to get out jobsearchin' while on their actual deathbeds, etc. Still, I'm entitled to what I get, it's the bloody government that should be ashamed, damn it!
Moon applied the anus-to-mouth technique to wake me, gagging and  sputtering at five AM. Now I'm more exhausted than usual.
Had a rather creepy nightmarish dream before that. Vladimir Putin is sitting as if posing for a portrait. I could only see his head and shoulders,Then his eyeballs begin to pop out on pink wormlike stalks and writhe around slowly in a nauseating fashion. He doesn't seem bothered, just maintains his usual poker face. I'm afraid and want to flee, but I've got 'sleep paralysis'.



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