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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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flying adipose
After an very irritating deluge while I was out exercising, I discovered that the dreaded Brown Envelvope from the DWP had arrived! I've been quailing in hideous antipipation for weeks, but... My crazycrip pittance has not been withdrawn, nor am I required (this time-) to go and 'perform' for them to show once more how fubar'd I am. THANK YOU. JESUS!
I celebrated by booking for the May screening of ELEKTRA  from the Met. Heh.
I tried to connect the cheap DVD player I got at ASDA the other day. up to the telly, but either it's incompatible, or I just can't manage. After hours of futile faffing, I concluded I'll have to return it. Oh well, I'm so relieved about my benefit, I'm not bovvered.
Lula Dog is still alive, too, and seems to be getting perkier. although she's still not eating much.
Moon has taken to sneaking onto the bed, which, because of my asthma is officially Not Allowed. It started when she had to be de-fanged, the other week. When I collected her from the vets' she was still whacked out on ketamine, and spent the rest of the night running up and down the hall, staggering into stuff, and frenziedly headbutting me. This included following me to bed to carry on 'booping' me. After what she'd been through, I didn't have the heart to put her back on the floor, and so it goes...I am a stoopid softie.


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Yay! Congratulations on the peace of mind at last! That's one massive headache off your plate. And congratulations also to LunaMoon for wrapping you conclusively around her adorable little paw.

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