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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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ARCHERS Spoilers, Etc. ...
Poor Lula Dog has pneumonia again, isn't eating, and it's not looking too good. She's going back to the vet tomorrow. I hope they manage to sort her out with antibiotics again. She's ancient, though, and is gonna leave us sooner rather than later, for sure. I feel sad. She's a lovely old pooch, and we've been friends for many years. I hate to think of how R Next Door is going to cope with losing her, as well.
Listened to THE ARCHERS Omnibus, The Rob and Helen thing is hotting up, all right. My prediction: They get into another row, and Helen confronts Rob with some of the tidbits she's gleaned from his ex. He goes completely tonto and launches a violent attack on her/Henry. She kills him in self-defence. BwaHaHa! We shall see...
I'm afraid I haven't really taken to FOLLOW THE MONEY  on BBC4 Saturday: Very slow, and I don't care much for any of the characters. The new thriller on BBC1, UNDERCOVER, replacing THE NIGHT MANAGER looks fine, though, on the basis of tonight's opener.

Whoo! Major explosive ARCHERS episode...and I was pretty near right in my speculations, it seems. Of course, all may not be as it seems! I'd actually managed not to hear/see any spoilers until the broadcast this afternoon.
I'm coughing and sneezing like mad, and Moon's eyes are watery. Saharan dust?
Fingers crossed for old Lula. She's been to the vet, and is slowly improving, it seems.