Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Bright And Breezy...

Another mostly lovely day; just right for me, but it's going to get warmer next week... R Next Door jumped when she saw me in my shorn state, and said I looked 'frightening'.
RADIO TIMES finally showed up; looks like there's nothing much on TV next week.
Saw an interview with Edna O'Brien a few days ago. Damn! She's 85 and looks like a well-preserved 50. Wonder who 'does' her? I never thought I'd want a facelift, as they often look so strange, but I've aged so rapidly in the last few years, I'd really like to be tidied up a bit. Oh well, no chance of that, unless I finally get my Euromillions win.Speaking of which, it looks like the proposal to turn the Lost Society and Artesian Well buidings down the road into flats isn't going ahead, after all. Yay. The freeholds are now on sale for four million. I don't know if they can be returned to residential use, but they'd be a nice possibility for studio space and independent flats for me and several other crazy old arty folks...I have such a fear of when I'm too demented and decrepit to be on my own, being shunted into a council 'home', in some dismal suburb, no pets allowed,little privacy, and nobody I have any cultural connections or interests in common with. Grizzle.



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