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Watchin' Stuff...


Amazing wind and deluges Holiday Monday, but it cleared up in the afternoon, so I still had to exercise. Bah. I was surprised that no trees were down in the park.
Then, I watched 45 YEARS, an excellent film. beautifully shot and acted. I found it so glum and demoralising, though, that I went into a big melancholia fit for the rest of the night.
Yesterday, I used my SilverScreen card to see MARGUERITE, which is  a brilliant tragicomedy about a Florence Foster Jenkins-type rich woman obsessed with singing, although she has a horrendous voice. (I can identify with that-) It's set in the 20's and looks great, with a superb cast of actors mostly unknown to me. Catherine Frot is immensely moving as the dotty would-be diva, and there's another oustanding performance byDenis Mpunga as her enigmatic factotum, whose own artistic aspirations run concurrent with hers. It really should be seen.
Watched MAIGRET on TV last night. Meh. I'm not familiar with the novels, or indeed, any of the many adaptations, but I found it pretty dull. I don't care for Rowan Atkinson, although I found him slightly less annoying in serious mode.
I'm afraid of Zac Goldsmith ending up as mayor of London because he's good-looking.
Today's thrills included the launderette and getting my five quid haircut. Gods, feels so good. Wish I looked human, but it's really worth being uglier than usual to have the cool freedom of a baldy head...I'm actually starting to look a bit like Leonard Cohen, though.


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