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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Poor Moon, Poor Me...
Well, there was a really giant abscess full of all sorts on one side. and an infection down into the bone on the other, which brings the bill so far up to 515 pounds, and she's not insured yet, not that that would matter much, as they don't pay for teeth. Worse is the fact that she's in stage two renal failure. It could be just because of the infection, and it will be reversible, but...Why, gods, why?  All I wanted was a cat companion and to do a good deed. I feel cursed.Grizzle! Fingers crossed, everyone, that the kidney thing turns out to be OK.
At the moment, she's still high on ketamine, and is stumbling around knocking stuff over and purring like an eejit.

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Oh no! Poor thing- is there anyway you can get some financial help from where you fostered/adopted from? Hopefully the kidneys will sort themselves out when she has recovered from the tooth.

Financial help!!!? The girl I adopted her from was just fostering for someone who has vanished into the tropics or somewhere, and doesn't answer emails.

BTW, hope you are getting on as well as possible after your loss, and have plenty of support. Seems to be raining stones on everyone the last year or so.

Ahhh- I see, I must've missed that part of her story. How annoying and selfish of them to dump and run.

I'm sorry to hear that. Cats do seem horribly prone to kidney problems, poor things.

NY cats certainly are! It is a very common problem, though. Fingers crossed that this is due to the infection and will reverse itself when it's clear. Wotta life!

Fingers crossed! Her kidneys would have had to be filtering the infection for god knows how long. Hopefully she can get a break and recover now.

Hugs to you both. We can sort the de-abcessing bill out yeah? Abcess not good. Do I buy some art from you?

Aw, bless you. I'm always available for commissions, etc. (Haw! As if-) from wealthy patron types!

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