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Dental Day...

Poor Moon is now at the vets' getting her bad teeth dealt with. Sadly, she'll lose both of her lil' vampire fangs, as they're in the worst shape. ( I thought they looked kinda blunt-) She cried piteously for breakfast, and got into the  bed to wake me (Bad!) doing the whole headbutty, licky 'I love you, FEED ME!' number. I felt so rotten. It's gotta be done, though, although R Next Door may never speak to me again. I should be able to collect her late this afternoon. (Cat, not R-)
Must say I'm greatly enjoying the Tory implosion, but when will it do anyone any good? Apparently over two thousand have died as a likely result of benefit cuts, so far. As for IDS now trying to sell himself as a paragon of compassion, after years of playing along with the hideous government plans for us paups, the mind boggles, yet again. Must say, though, I saw that documentary years ago, when he and various other politicos were billeted with skint, slum-dwelling families, and he seemed so sincerely shocked and upset by what he saw, that I thought at the time, he might be human...Certainly didn't last, unless it inspired him to take up mass euthanasia.

Whoo, didja see the penultimate episode of THE NIGHT MANAGER (BBC1) last night? Mucho suspense!

There's another excellent little exhibit  at the NPG now, showing portraits that are seldom seen out of Russia, including the famous one of Mussorgsky by Ilia Repin Very powerful. Poor devil, I'd never realised just how near the end he was, at that point, rough as he looks. It seems he died within days of the sittings, There's also a nice, sketchy study of my man Chaliapin chilling, by his friend Korvin,(You can hear him singing Boris in the background, too.) and a strong image of actor Alexander Lansky in character as Petruchio, by Ivan Kramskoy.  Another fine piece by Repin shows Vladimir Stusorak resplenden in a scarlet peasant shirt. I really liked  it all, except for the fact that it was so crowded, even just after opening time.      

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