Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Why Meeeeee?...

Well, I was able to get Moon into the Petmobil and to the surgery fairly easily. She was pretty vocal, but not panic-stricken. (Thanks, Feliway spray...) The checkup, innoculation, flea and tapworm treatment (Yes, she has fucking fleas, Never had to deal with that before, with my indoor cats) cost me £66. As I was beginning to fear, her teeth are in very bad shape. Quite a few are broken (How did that transpire?) There's going to be a lot of extracting done, which will probably set me back £400 or more,  (BLOODY HELL!)  On the brighter side, she turned out to be 'chipped', so they were able to contact her original vet after all. It seems she's nine years old, though, not seven, as I was told. My vet had guessed she was about five, so shes in good nick for her age, anyway. Oh fuck, so much money. Wahhhhh! Moon seemed to find the outdoors rather interesting, once she was resigned to captivity, so I walked home, along the quiet back streets.



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