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Crazycrone's Corner

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Dental Implants...
JUst wondering...Has anyone out there had them in the London area, and paid anything like an 'affordable' rate?
Has anyone done one of these 'dental tourism' packages, to Budapest, Bulgaria, etc., and, if so, how did it go?
How agonising is it? I am  extremely cowardly and squeamish when it comes to toothy stuff.
Thank you...

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I asked my business partner who had two done. She says it wasn't painful at all as they take the nerve out - there might be a little bit of bruising around the gum but that's all. The problem with dental tourism, which would otherwise be a great idea, is that there's a sizeable gap between when they put the posts in the gum and when they can put the tooth on it (six months from memory). You need this time for the post to sort of bed in and integrate into the jaw. (This is the period during which she went without front teeth rather than wear a plate.) I have heard of people who do the whole thing in one go, but that does sound dodgy to me - it may lead to a worse outcome as the whole thing is likely to be weaker, and when they're so far away you can't go back and complain. She does say that she absolutely loves her implants - they feel like normal teeth to her and she says they are the best dental work she's ever had done. It was worth six months of looking like she was from the Appalachians.

Thanks...That waiting was one thing putting me off the tourism, and the fact that the equipment over there is usually different, so if there are any problems they can't deal with them here. I still don't know what to do. I hate to blow the last of my money on implants, but I don't want to end up losing my front teeth, too, and the dentures are just unbearable. Oy!

Yes, totally. It's a lot of money, especially when it's your last hurrah financial-wise, but they are fantastic and plates are a living nightmare.

I looked this up afterwards and apparently people do make the two trips and still save money. There do seem to be plenty of places abroad who give a good service, and let's face it, dentists can stuff things up anywhere (my business partner went to a Harley St dentist once and the fillings she put in all dropped out less than six months afterwards). The key thing is to find someone who's well-reviewed - and that applies for local people too. I found this site with reviews:


and I'm sure there are more. The reviews bring up points I wouldn't have thought of (like some clinics not having enough English speakers to make yourself clear) so that might help your decision.

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