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Tate Britain...
went to see the Artist & Empire show. Very good deal, combining my Art Pass and OAP discount. I'd feared it was going to be rather dry and worthy, but it was quite interesting, as it turned out. I especially liked the Nigerian carver's portrait of the Prince of Wales in 1920. He's managed to capture  the sappy feebleness that I've always found in 'David''s visage beautifully. It's always seemed extremely odd to me that he was considered to be quite handsome and charismatic in his heyday. Was it just media flattery of royalty, or did people actually think that?
Didn't exercise outdoors due to rain, but didn't accomplish much, needless to say. I would so love to have some energy!


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Pearls for tears? Woss that about? I thought pearls were supposed to be the "wear with anything to be appropriate" choice.

Dunno, my mother was a fount of strange old sayings, mostly demoralising.

A corruption of ancient beliefs apparently. Get those earrings... er, they'll bring you wedded bliss. (And then you'll be crying and sorry!)

I grew up with the "Pearls are for tears" concept; my mother would never have had them in the house.

I got left a pearl necklace from my Grandmother. She probably thought that it was a waste of time leaving it to my mother so she left it to me.

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