Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Chorus Kerfuffle...

Further to my enthusing about  the beautiful AKHNATEN yesterday, I was relieved that the chorus wasn't striking during the rehearsal, BUT I gotta say they should be given support. ENO has always been in financial trouble, and in the many years I worked there, everyone, from some of the stars, right  down to us 'little people' were always undervalued by management and shockingly underpaid.
The chorus has always been very good, and in recent years they have become really outstanding. Now they're being expected to endure up to 25% cuts in income, as reward. This will mean some have to give up their jobs altogether, because they won't be able to survive. If they must strike, then they must, but this is totally wrong, and no way to treat hard-working, long-serving employees, who were hardly generously paid to begin with, Shame, ENO suits!
I was also wondering about the part of The Scribe. I'm not all that sure it existed in the original production. I seem to remember that the first oration was spoken by Aye,  a recorded Lord Harewood provided the final history lesson, and there were no other spoken bits in English. It was 30 years ago, of course. If I'm right, though, the role is a wise addition, as it makes following what action there is considerably easier.

Caught up with this week's X FILES, a reasonably gruesome and creepy episode at last. Quite entertaining.
I wonder what they're going to do with that parade of empty shops near Leicester Square station? They mostly housed sleazy tourist tat, but I liked them, especially the Chinese emporium.

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