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Went to the mall at Wandsworth to have a gawk around. Ended up spending money in the Pound Shop, etc. I didn't do my whole 'workout; as it kept raining on me, and was raining again when I got home. Of course, it's clearing up, now, but fuck it, I ain't going out again.
The other day, I went for a mooch in Kensington, wondering how to decide on the right tablet,in Currys, and how I could get it set up, etc. As usual, when in the Harrods area, I noticed several people who were quite curiously attired, even by my standards. The most interesting was the nearly naked guy jogging along nonchalantly. It was a pleasant late-winter day, but still, I would have thought an air bath was counterindicated...I wonder if people around there are so wealthy they want to show everyone they don't have to go to work, or anything boring like that, and can totally suit themselves at all times? Dunno...
Had a look atNEW DAY or whatever it's called, the fledgling newspaper, Not impressed, even for free; the METRO is better.



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