Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Frank Auerbach, etc.

Didn't exercise (rain-) yesterday,or go to poor M's funeral...Also due to weather, and my latest cough, and partly because I forgot,until it was too late, really. Well, I only knew him as a passing neighbour, and I gather that he must have had a lot of family and friends because of the fancy 'Mass Card' they printed up. I hope so. RIP.
Today I went to Tate Britain to see the Frank Aurebach exhibit. I've never found his work very appealing, and he's so well regarded I thought I might be missing something. No, whatever he's got. I'm pretty blind to it. Meh. (I only had to pay £6.50, though, with my new Art Pass.)

X-FILES was totally lame, last night. No proper scary ones, so far, and what's the matter with Scully. Is it her alien DNA getting stronger? She seems quite strange.
I bought a bottle of amaretto Skinny Syrup in TK Maxx, for four quid. No sugar, no calories, to liven up my coffee. Mmm, it's lovely.

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