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Films, Etc...

Saw a decentish UK 'orror, HOWL. I must object to the treatment of the 'Fat Guy' character, though. He was first seen grossing out a train carriage by noisily cramming a takeaway into his gob. Then, when it gave him the shits, he locked himself twice in the WC, until yanked out the window, to become one of the first victims of Death by Werewolves. Harrumph.
AMY was very interesting; lots of early home-movie footage, etc. Poor, poor wee girl, though; that frightened little face...
Film of the week was LEGEND. Good acting all around, with a virtuoso twin-turn by Mr Hardy, and very well done 60's atmosphere. The flash gangsters of that period have always fascinated me. We shall not see their like again.
Icelandinc thriller, TRAPPED is trundling along nicely. I've missed having a Saturday night 'story' that interests me. MONTALBANO just doesn't do it for me, for some reason.
 BBC4's RENAISSANCE UNCHAINED is excellent so far. Waldemar Januzszak still has that crazy King Kong quiff, but, surprisingly ,wasn't wearing sandals, and he showed us some cool art that doesn't get much publicity, like the enchanting Bamberg Horseman I visited last year. (No mention of the well-known Green Man supporting him, though.)
I have a bloody cough again! Mother of God...


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