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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Blood tests show me as 'pre-diabetic' and my kidneys are starting to deteriorate. Must curb my sweet tooth. *Sigh*
HAPPY VALLEY  got off to a good start. Looks like series 2 will be as riveting as the first.
The new X-FILES was OK, but not all that. Just setting up, mostly, so difficult to judge.
Why do big dogs keep jumping on me? (And why don't their humans bloody control them ?) My parka's all covered in stinky mud again.
Nothing's on TV tonight except a documentary on euthanasia, how & when. Joy.


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Oh suck, sorry to hear that. Still, pre-diabetes is not diabetes and you're doing a lot of things right already with the exercise and the cutting your weight and all.

There are ways to improve your blood-sugar situation; I agree physical activity is probably the biggest help in keeping it down.

Did you know, though: raw chocolate can actually help lower blood sugar and help fight sugar cravings? Yeah.

But also—and this is something I don't bring up unless I think it's really pertinent—going vegan can help tremendously with controlling your blood sugar. It can also help with controlling your weight.

I stopped all dairy products in 2001 and all other animal products—meat, fish, eggs—shortly thereafter. I quit dairy first because I live about 3 km from the World Trade Center, and when that was destroyed, it released a huge amount of pollutants into the air; you could smell what—if I hadn't known better—smelled like an electrical fire up as far as 96th street. (Ground Zero is over 100 blocks downtown from there.)

Humans don't need animal products; they like them and crave them, but dairy (animal protein) actually causes osteoporosis.

I'm going to stop there, because I notice I just put in a lot of links; if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Oh yes, I saw that recently, about the raw chocolate. Very nice!
I do admire vegans, but I really can't see myself giving up eggs and dairy. I must admit to eating fish, too, and (now and then-) chicken.
I'm hoping if I cut down a lot on the sweeties, cake and ice cream I tend to indulge in, that I'll be OK...

What I'm saying is it's a part of the whole picture; I didn't even mention the earth's ecology in my comment above, but the fact that animal products harm the earth's ecosystem—this is a cue for you to say, "Oh, but I don't eat much meat/eggs/dairy</i>…"—is enough for people to possibly be concerned with their total environmental footprint. I mean, leather that you already own, wool you already wear, is water under the proverbial bridge, but animal slaughter is a huge problem, and curbing it has to start with the individual on some level.

Cake and ice cream can both be made vegan, and London has a fairly huge and active vegan community. So "cutting down" can include veganizing your sweeties!

Cut down carbs, replace with meat and cheese. Works for me.

Just teasing!

Given your original weight the diagnosis might have been expected, but you've already attacked that possibility with your exercise and weightloss. Good to hear they're monitoring you regularly, should all add up to dodging diabetes. You've done amazingly well already.

Haw! Actually, carbs are encouraged on the 'diabetes diet', thank the gods. I know I eat WAY too much sweet stuff, so , as I'm only a bit 'pre-diabetic' I can hopefully sort it out by cutting down on the goodies, and carrying on exercising. I don't usually put salt on food, but I need to avoid crisps, etc. too. Bah.

Great take on the Revenant. You liked the film rather more than I did. The scenery was, of course, stunning, but I thought that cod-spiritual stuff with the dead wife was just unforgivable.

I found it OK (although I did sleep through a whole subplot...The liver-eating,his buddy getting hanged,rapist-shooting, victim-freeing stuff.)
As with many other raved-about films, I might have been more impressed if I hadn't been led to expect something amazingly brilliant.

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