Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Portrait, Pictures...

When i saw the NPGs recent acquisition, AMY, BLUE by Marlene Dumas in the papers, I thought it was nice enough, but nothing special. Seeing it in 'RL' though, is rather different. It has a strange quality of seeming to change subtly all the time. From different angles the expression seems to alter, so that it's uncannily lifelike. Maybe I was just having a manifestion of my madness, but it's quite interesting.

THE REVENANT was still on at the Picture House, so I went along to take advantage of my Silver Screen pass. (Great value; a fillum, a tasty coffee, and biscuits, if you get there before they're all grabbed- for a fiver).
It was good, but, of course, not as fantastic as the hype, and it really, really, didn't need to be that long!  I fell asleep at least once. (Woke up with my head bent right down to my chest, drooling copiously!) I couldn't understand most of the dialogue. I'd not worn my hearing aid, of course, but I don't think it was that. The guys were nearly all woofing into gigantic haystack beards.
I didn't realise which one was Tom Hardy for at least half an hour. It was all very violent, yes, but again, not as hair-raising as all that. It's certainly worthwhile, though, and the wilderness looks just amazing. I'm glad I saw it on the big screen.
I'd just settled in, when this old man came and parked himself in the seat in front. He was reeking so strongly of urine that I was gagging, and had to move. Poor old bugger, that could very well be me, in  a few years. *Sigh*

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