Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Blow, Winds...

Whoo, latest storm is bringing some ultra-blustery weather to London, although, as usual, it's a lot less wild than most other places. I was nearly knocked over in the park a couple of times.
Had a disturbing dream about being trapped in the persona of 'Carrie Bradshaw' out of SEX AND THE CITY. I was forced to mince and simper around various scenes of my NYC youth, in one of her absurd little outfits. One RL place I visited was a strange cafe called Phebe's Whamburger, which was around the corner from where I lived in the East 60's. It was one of those places that had a model railway track running around the counter that would deliver one's burger, or whatever. It all sounds quite funny, but I felt desperate.



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