Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Mmm...Red Hots!

Wandered into that American Candy place on Charing Cross road, as I'd been thinking about Mike & Ikes. They actually had them (newfangled grape flavour-) for £4.00 a box, but I picked up a tiny box (25 cents=£1.00...everything there is at least 400% marked up!) of my childhood passion, RED HOTS, and am pleased to report they taste as burningly ecstatic as ever. I also got a £2,00 Clark Bar, Still good, too, but such crazy prices...
Foyles really does suck. They don't even seem to have adult graphic novels any more. I liked it much better before they modernised, although I seldom bought anything. When I first came to London, I filled out a job application there, and seeing how horribly the staff were being treated, I was relieved when I didn't hear from them. The complete insanity of the place fascinated me, though, the weird ritual of going to several different places to complete a simple transaction, etc. Everything's so blanded out, now.
Managed to work out in the park this morning, feeling almost normal. What a relief. I seriously thought I was going into a terminal decline, there. Not quite yet, thanks to antbiotics. Thank you gods.
'I-shat-during-sex' boy Scotty T just won CELEBRITY BIG BTOTHER, with 'neediest girl in the world' Stephanie as runner-up. Daniella Westbrook woz robbed. Thank gods that's over. (And I'll no doubt be watching the next one,)

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