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Another Fail...

I forgot all about Hourly Comic Day until it was half over. Bum.
I am very near giving up on the denture. I feel like a horse being broken to the bit, and am probably chewing even more improperly because it's so uncomfortable.
Tottered out to Trafalgar Square, ..Scarily, I've barely been outdoors in a month, apart from feeble forays to the shops. To my distress, I'm STILL coughing , when walking around in the cold, and my chest aches a bit.
Anyway, I took in the  Photographic Portrait Exhibit, which actually had a few interesting pieces.
I carried on to look at the nice little free exhibit, Visions of Paradise, at the NG.Quite informative, with an interesting short film, too...
I do love the weird feet of Carlo Crivelli. He really was a master in that department! They always give me pleasure.


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Wow, that demon picture is weirdly compelling

Get thee to a doctory! (Don't make me come over there...) ; ) Hope you feel better.

Thanks, Saw Dr last week; got a load of tablets, and am much better now, although still coughing now and then, and feeling weedy.

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