Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Perking Up?

Still so  very tired, but definitely more 'myself'. Might try going to a gallery or something, tomorrow, I've missed a couple of exhibits I really wanted to see, due to the lurgification. Might try gentle workout, too...
Finally watched the last series of MAD MEN. Very good, of course, but it's never really grabbed me the way some others do. Lots of wonderful old ads and things that I remember from those days, though. The endings were all a little tidy and happy-ish, except for the wretched Betty.
There was a lot of media hooha about a VERY brief flopping dick seen on a swimming soldier in WAR AND PEACE, whereas a truly barf-inducing anecdote about how he followed through during a drunken shag in Lanzerote. or somewhere, proudly related by that blond boy on CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, seemed to pass unnoticed (Probably because most people aren't watching that drek...)



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