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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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(no subject)
Random thought further to seeing LABYRINTH:  I hadn't known that hyperrealist sculptor Ron Mueck started out as a puppet maker and operator, and played 'Ludo'.
The denture isn't getting any less odious so far. It hurts, actually. All this gunk collects under it, too. Oh, the loathesomeness...
On the plus side, while I'm still coughing, it's considerably less violent, I didn't wake up last night with it, and I do feel a bit less weak. Fingers crossed.
 Even R Next Door seems to think I look 'not quite so frighteningly ill...Gotta be
a good sign, I guess.
BEOWULF really sucks. Most tedious.

R Next Door:  'Your life force is very weak...'

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I don't know whether you've seen the Making Of Labyrinth film:


I watched it years ago but saw it again after Bowie's death. It gives an interesting insight into how much work went into it and what they were trying to do.

No, I didn't know about that. Will check it out. Ta.

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