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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Queen Dream...
At Westmister Abbey, there's some big royal occasion going on. The Queen wears her Coronation gown. I'm in the crowd, and we enter via St Margaret's. Prince Harry (about 13), wants to sneak his little white terrier in. The dog gets away, and goes scampering down the aisle. The Archbishop of Canterbur,y all in a panic fluster, chases after it, setting off a huge security alert. The Queen had been amused by the dog's antics, but gets peeved at the ensuing fuss. Finally, they all enter what looks like the Royal Box at the Coliseum, and line up, including that sweary chef guy, and Bill Cosby, all done up in evening dress, both with lots of medals. They're evidently getting some new other honours.
Afterwards, I see the Queen on TV, grumpily stumping through the streets of Belfast, with sheepish young Harry and the dog. It seems she's going to force him to live a 'normal' life there for a while, as punishment for his misbehaviour. She's still in the white gown, tiara, etc, but now wears green wellies, as she trudges through the wet streets,