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Dental Despair...
Still coughing, but rather better (Started the tablets with great fear of the many gruesome caveats: swelling up,  suicidal misery, etc, but so far, only a bit queasier than usual stomach-)
This morning, it was the dentist. He gave me a 'plate' to be getting on with, and I can't even bloody talk with it in. ('You will soon get used to it'...) I feckin' doubt it. As for now, I have to eat gruel for five days, and can't even manage that, without feeling like I'm choking. Holy Mother of Fuck!  I think eventually I'm going to have to scrape up the £6000 plus  I'll need for implants. That will mean, of course, that I can't have the 'tummy tuck' . Shriek.
Watched THE NIGHT VISITOR, which I remember seeing back in the US decades ago. Even when it first came out, it went under the radar. I think I must have seen it on a double bill with something I fancied,and/or because the majestic Max von Sydow was in it. It could be called a slasher, I suppose, but a very 'arty' one, with a strong cast of well-knowns. It is certainly worth seeing as one of the most completely doolally films ever. There are  plenty of grim rural Scandi surroundings, too,

The stitched-up 'Salem' takes 'orrible revenge...


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I think if she has any white she qualifies as a calico.

Ugh, teeth stuff. My business partner had implants to replace her two front teeth, damaged in an accident many years ago, and during the period in which you have to wait to get the final bit done, she hated the plate so much she went around for months with two missing front teeth rather than wear it. I understand why you'd want to get rid of all the extra skin, but I think if it came to a choice I'd pick the implants.

You're right, I think. I don't suppose anyone's going to be looking at my old belly any more, except medics/morticians, and the denture is even more uncomfortable than the'apron'. Yetch; getting old is not for sissies, etc.

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