Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dead Man's Bulge...

LABYRINTH is another of those films that 'everyone' has seen, but I hadn't. It was on TV at the weekend, so I had a look. The late Mr Bowie was of course, wonderfully charismatic in a variety of outlandishly camp costumes, but on the whole, it seemed totally a fairly uninteresting 'kids' film'. I never really took to STAR WARS in the profound way that so many people have done, either. I found the early films quite entertaining, but they never made a huge emotional impact on me. Probably, it's my ancientness, I was well into my 20's when when I saw the first one, so not so impressionable, I guess.
I'm still enjoying WAR AND PEACE, but it's a great shame they've tried to cram such a massive tome with so many complex characters and plot threads  into six episodes. The 70's BBC series, despite the lame, wobbly sets and even worse wigs than the current one. was a lot better, in that respect. On the other hand, I find a lot of the US series, with 20 episodes, go on for much, too, long for such lightweight stuff . GOTHAM, for instance. Series 2 seemed a bit better, but it's already boring me. I've carried on plodding through JESSICA JONES 1. but although it's got a bit more interesting, now, I just don't get what everyone is so wildly enthusing about.
Saw R Next Door as I headed off to pick up the laundry. She remarked that it was good that I'm seeing the doctor in the morning. 'Yew are definitely very unwell. Yew look so FRAIL!'...Oh, goody.
I shuffled off very, very slowly, leaning heavily on my shopping trolley, but not before she reminded me that I'm old, and need to take 'minor' lurgies etc., more seriously...


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