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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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A Visit, And More Languishing...
ropey old twat
Another night of rattling hacking, although it hasn't been that bad durning the day...I'm coughing a bit less, but sneezing more! Still so very weak and weary, too. I've got an appointment to see the quack on Wednesday. The receptionist said a lot of people do seem to suffer with this lurgy for more than three weeks, but seeing I have asthma, it was just as well to come in, just to be safe.
helenraven made a shortish but very welcome visit. It was so nice just to have a chitchat after being banged up for all this time, with only nonspeaking LunaMoon for company, and the odd very quick check-in from R Next Door who is terrified of my disease cooties,and won't cross the threshold. Anyway, I got a super birthday present (Thanks!) and a download of season 5 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, too. Whee!
I didn't make it to the exhibit at the College of Psychic Science; just too tired, but I do hope I can manage it tomorrow.
Watched HITCH, which was entertaining enough. AnthonyHopkins was good, bur probably would have been better still,if he hadn't been lumbered with what appeared to be a prosthetic head!
Toby Jones did a fantastic job of Hitchcocking without excessive makeup in the far superior film, THE GIRL.


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Don't get the hair extensions put in, Mizz Kennedy, don't get the hair extensions put in. Unless you're stepping into a new career as a country western singer. Then it would work. (Have you ever considered .. ?)

Ha ha. I'm way too old for such uncomfortable fripperies. I love my buzz cut. It would be a laugh to see what I'd look like, though!

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