Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Venturing Out...

Beyond belief, but while thinking I was rather better, yesterday, I'm coughing harder again. It's scary. I was hoping to make it to LIDL, etc. this morning, but had to wait in for the boiler man to do his check-up. By then, it was past four, and I felt bad.
Have been enjoying Liz Prince's charming graphic memoir TOMBOY. There was quite a bit there that I could relate to, but it kind of shocks me that much of the sexual stereotyping and stuff she had to contend with in the 90's wasn't very different from what I experienced in the 50's! Bloody hell!
Thursday: Got to Clapham Junction and picked up the bits I needed, but still bloody coughing, and last night was bad. Oy...
R Next Door thinks I'm ill because I finally switched the central heating on, which is very unhealthy...

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