Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

More Mucoid Misery...

Splendid CBB tirade from Stephanie, after Gemma said she was a disgrace for snogging with the heavily tattooed (He has a green neck-) model Jeremy. despite having a boyfried in the outside world..'She's a f*cking diva, a big lion-headed c*** who’s an absolute knob.'  David Gest is still  poorly sick, too, and has left the BB House. He looks like I feel.
Have continued enjoying WAR AND PEACE, DEUTSCHLAND 83, and DICKENSIAN. and was bowled over by a BBC4 documentary compilation of antique film clips of circuses; really dreamlike and haunting. Look for it on iPlayer. GOTHAM season 2 is looking slightly better than the first. We'll see...
I didn't go out at all today. I feel like I've been indoors coughing and sleeping for weeks. I'm pretty certain it's bronchitis, and all you can do is rest, really, not that I have much choice.I suppose I've already lost what little muscle tone I've got from my daily exercise regime. I'm breathless walking down the hall at the moment.
Wee LunaMoon has been a godsend; lovely placid, purring company in my affliction.



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