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Ohhhh, I Say! Argh...
Mere words cannot convey the misery and BOREDOM of this lurgy! I shuffled out for a Grauniad, and went into the park for 10-15 minutes, but the slightest exertion still sends me into bent-at-the-waist, pant-pissing paroxysms of hacking. Meh. Ms LunaMoon is turning in a sterling performance as a furry hot water bottle, and (apparently) sympathetic presence.. Too bad she can't provide the required endless cuupas, soup, etc.
Just heard a Sami woman 'yoiking' on R4. Sounds a bit like the sean nos. I like...
My goodness, EASTENDERS is really laying it on, these days! Peggy Mitchell is back, and she's DYING. Phil, furiously off the waggon, is also gonna die, of chirrosis, if he doesn't quit the booze right now, instead of stinking in the gutter sucking on a bottle of Scotch. Sharon has left him again. Ben and Jay are totally disgusted with him, etc. Shabnam is trying to cope with knowing the troof about Baby Arfur.Stacey, who hasn't been taking her bipolar meds. is now entirely off her gourd, with postpartum psychosis, thinks the baybee is the Son of God, instead of Kush. Hunky but dopey Martin, hasn't managed to get the raving Stacey any medical attention, just keeps her tucked away in the bedroom, gibbering and quailing about being hunted down by Herod. Masood and Carmel have had middleaged nookie again. Are they gonna fall in lurve? Maz, BTW, doesn't yet know about Baby Arfur, either...Sharon's evil natural dad is taking advantage of her emotional vulnerability, Stacey's newfound half brother, who started out as a half sister, is being rejected by the family, as they think he's a fake..I'm sure I've forgotten plenty as well..


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My mum has had a skanky horrid cough for months. I pushed her into seeing the doc a couple of times, but they seem to think it's nothing serious. Last time the Doc blamed The Sausage! Maman was irate as she had the cough long before the Soss arrived. I think it's wearing off now, really slowly.

I think there is a shitty cold going round, but pop to the doc for reassurance.

Yes, last time I had an affliction anywhere near this bad, they blamed Amazy. Not fair.
I know that a lot of other people have got a mega lurgy, though. It just feels like *I've* had it for decades, at this point.

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