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Orgasm-ing Turkeys

Watched a video of a programme that was on a couple of weeks ago, about 'the worst jobs in the world', so that I could cackle in evil glee about being an unemployed headbanger,now. Anyway,I suppose the ultra-worst one they showed was cleaning out a public toilet in Bath, where this old boiler (about my age-) had to collect about 2000 abandoned syringes a day, found 9 od'd corpses last year, etc, and she said "Well, I'd rather do this than sign on the dole." !!! -Silly old wombat-
The real star was this bloke who inseminates turkeys. He seemed to rather like the job, 'cos when he came around every fortnight, the gobblers knew they were going to get their rocks off, and greeted him enthusiastically... You didn't ,mercifully ,get to see what he was actually doing, but they showed several closeups of turkey faces in sexual ecstasy, beaks hanging open, burbling ridiculous turkey love-cries. I'm still chortling. Let's hear it for the turkeys.

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