Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Bye Bye, Bowie...

I'm rather amazed that I'm so gutted to hear of David Bowie's death, I haven't been so stunned by a celebrity demise since John Lennon's. Much as I liked and admired him, though, I was never that into David Bowie. I guess I took him for granted. I certainly never expected him to die 'young' He was one of those skinny, wiry people who usually live to be about 110. Even the spooky tracks on BLACKSTAR didn't really tip me off, I just thought he was thinking more about death as he aged, like the rest of us, Shit.
Jesus, it's cold: actually feels like winter. I'm still coughing all the time. It's excruciating, and makes me feel even more weary than usual. Nearly everyone seems to be the same. I hardly slept last night for hacking, and read this morning that you shouldn't exercise with a cough, so that's my excuse. I just feel so feckin' weak...
She's being very cagey, but it sounds like R Next Door might have a (giggle) boyfriend. She was supposed to go out to dinner with him last night, but cancelled, because she saw the dreaded Honey bring down a kid in the park. She didn't actually bite him, but kept leaping on him, so he couldn't get up, while he screamed for help.The old lady (two years older than I-) owner was just hopping around uselessly, as she does, when these things happen, and everyone else was too frit to wade in, including R. Anyway R thought she was having a heart attack, for the rest of the day, and blew her suitor out.

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