Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Winter's Tale...

Hobbled up to the Picture House., still bloody coughing my lungs out, So tiring... I got the bus home. I just didn't feel up to walking back in the dreichness. WINTER's TALE was good, though. I've only seen it performed twice before, and found this production rather touching. I'm not an unreserved Branagh fan, as I've said before. I find he's often quite self-regarding. When he's good, he's very good, though, and I found his Leontes quite effective. Up until the interval, it was all pretty engrossing. Of course, the second part is largely taken up with the rustic romcom stuff which is pretty tedious. It was a strong company, though,largely composed of young, unknown actors, and they made the most of it. All in all, it was worth scraping up the 15 squid for.
Watched a rather remarkable DVD, TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES, by Ulli Lommel, who often worked with Fassbinder, and has made his career largely in exploitation films. Evidently Fassbinder gave him a tiny amount of money, left over from another production, the use of some of his company of actors, and costumes, and the film was made very quickly. You really would never know it. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting and environments are very convincing. It's a gloomy tale inspired (like M) by the gruesome activities of Fritz Haarmann, a vampire/cannibal serial killer who preyed on children and young men, updated from the 20's to the late 40's. It really is quite good.
Caught up with the new BEOWULF series; passable critters, but otherwise not a lot going for it. I don't have much hope of it improving.

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