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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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(no subject)
Although it was actually a bright day, I didn't wake up until well after seven, didn't exercise, damn it, coughed sneezed, sniffed and itched all day. (I hope this  isn't a  cat allergy flareup!)
Something's ailing me; headachy, too.
R Next Door has returned from her friends' in the country, and was going on about how cruel it is too keep cats indoors, and how guilty she feels about keeping Cat inside. She thinks LunaMoon is shedding too much, and it's obviously stress, which will kill her at an early age, like it did Amazy, etc. I really could have punched her, as I was feeling crook anyway.
I've been bingeing on Netflix, MAKING A MURDERER. Fascinating stuff, although, as usual, I feel a bit guilty, watching such a thing as a courtroom drama, when people are really dead, and/or having their lives destroyed by injustice. I'm still not certain about 'Steven'. There are several questions there, and I tend to believe that people who can harm animals (the cat cruelty conviction-) can probably do anything. Poor dim 'Brendan', though was totally shafted, IMO.
Also saw CUB, a tidy little slasher; quite well made.

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Sorry about your bloaty wheezing, but very excited to see the cartoon debut of LunaMoon! Awwwww! May there be many happy returns:).

Haven't worked out how to draw her quickly with all her colour variations!

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