Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

TV Time (Mild SHERLOCK Spoilers...)

Watched a classic Polish film, THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT, but kept falling asleep; found it terribly boring, and it seemed about six hours long. My loss, no doubt, just not for me...
I'm quite enjoying DICKENSIAN, though. Good cast, nice atmosphere. Little Nell, however, really does 'belong dead'. The SHERLOCK special, THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE  was also goofily entertaning. I never did get why Mycroft was attempting to eat himself to death on a bet. Did I doze off? Just part of the dreamydruggy thing, I guess. I had the perp pegged from the start, but it was still great fun.
It seems I really can't get into MONTALBANO, 'Young', or middle-aged. Gods know I've tried...
Luna Moon is developing into a proper cuddlebunny lap cat. Nice.

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