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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Gentrification Threatens Again...
wtf cat
The Horror! I saw a notice today that an application has been made to demolish
the lovely Lost Society building (was Tea Rooms des Artistes of cherished memory-) on Wandsworth Road, and build yuppie flats!. Surely it's listed? It's one of the oldest buildings in the area.
Noooooo!  I'm not sure, but I think the Artesian Well is also in danger!

This is so Wrong. There should be a campaign.

I was expecting AND THEN THERE WERE NONE to be bland and cheesy, but hey, it was pretty good, Nice creepy atmosphere . great cast, moderately gory, and generally good, nasty fun. Mr Aidan Turner was also given several opportunities to partially disrobe. (Love the half-mast towel look-) He's far too furry for my taste, but nobody's perfect...
There were no proper seasonally  spooky things on at all. HARRY PRICE:GHOST HUNTER was totally lame. EASTENDERS is firing on all cylinders, though. Wildly OTT, even for Walford. Poor sweet-natured Fatboy has met a hideous fate, for starters...S'not fair!

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"Somebody should do something."

They've demolished so many amazing and magnificent old buildings to build glass boxes in NYC, I'm pretty much inured to it. Not completely—and there are some that have survived the wrecking ball, but I've stopped shedding tears for historic buildings. (Although I do belong to the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.)

Is there a historical society there at all? Must be, although I know they don't landmark buildings in England—only declare them to be "of interest" if they meet certain criteria.

Re: "Somebody should do something."

Is there a historical society there at all?

I yelped with laughter and startled a cat:). The UK is extremely well-provisioned in this area. Not only do they have a labyrinthine network of regulations that make it virtually impossible to knock anything at all down, the National Trust is an immensely powerful organisation with a membership of over four million.

Re: "Somebody should do something."

I should add, re the protection scheme thingy, that if a building is listed, especially Grade I listed, that may sound a bit vague and weak but in fact in means you cannot touch it at all. Even small repairs are subject to intense negotiations about the acceptability of the repair material (material from the actual period is expected where at all possible.) As for alterations or, horrors, demolition, absolutely out of the question. There are more than 375,000 listed buildings in the UK.

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