Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Ding Dong Drearily...

I was alone in the park with the frightening winter daffodils. Cat still hiding, although she came out for a little while last night to peep sadly Odd, how she seemed to be settling very quickly, and then did a U-turn. Oh well, nothing to do for it, really, but keep the Feliway (thanks, Matt Sands and co-) pumping, and let her take her time.
Fell asleep towards the end of DOCTOR WHO, will have to watch it on iPlayer.
Actually switched the heat on as a Christmas treat, although it wasn't really neccessary. Thought it might make LunaMoon feel cosier.
Looking forward to the EASTENDERS (Omigod, they killed Fatboy!) special, now. Ho ho ho...

Travel Diary & Doodles...

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