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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Crazy Cat Carry On...
muffler scrooge
It's too complicated and deranged to go into again, but FB readers will know I am currently being evaluated as human slave to Ms LunaMoon (aka just plain Luna, the name she came with.)
It was all extremely sudden and silly. Hope it works out, though.
...Was just interrupted by R Next Door who came in to say hello and told me I should only have an Oriental cat,because of my asthma, that the extractor fan in the bathroom makes such a noise (It's switched off-) that it, and the loud TV, contributed to Amazy's death from 'stress-related illness'...She also heard on LBC today that the op I had causes people to have gall bladder problems after a few years...Jesus, Mary and Joseph, she is hard work.
Not a bloody thing on TV, except TOAST, in a minute.
FARGO 2 finished last night. I liked it as much as the first series, including the weird woo-woo bits.

Venice Travel Notes & Doodles...

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Aw, look at that cutie! Fingers crossed that all goes well. If she's a typical tortie, Luna will be the perfect name.

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