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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Why, Oh Why?...
So I rang up the cat shelter I'd contacted several times, to make an appointment to meet the wee black pirate cat I'd fallen in love with online. I'd explained that I was going to be away until just before Christmas, but wanted to arrange a 'viewing' ASAP after the hols. I got the same woman, who told me that he'd already been re-homed! "We have to get them out quickly." Shit! I'm really quite upset. I was consoling myself in this gloomily warm , empty-lapped Christmastide, that I'd soon have a catmate living here again. Well, I hope he's in a good, loving gaff.

Then I discovered I'd lost my bus pass on the way home Saturday! My knees were really hurting and I had to walk home from Clapham Junction. Not terribly far, but my mood was not good.
Good news of the day: Loofer is back, and Ygritte's his sidekick, in a nicely revolting cannibal-killer yarn. Well, it's something.


In Venice: Naughty devils, by glass artist Lucio Bubacco

Travel notes & doodles (1)

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The SPCA is the same - no "holding" of cats even for a day. I guess they have had too much experience with people changing their minds. There will definitely be another fluff out there with your name on.

It's weird about things like Murano glass - even if you're not keen normally, you can get temporary insanity in a place like Venice and end up staggering home with quantities of it then wonder why you have it. I couldn't afford any either, luckily, but I saw people buying it up like there was no tomorrow. A photo is definitely a better idea.

FFS! Bad luck on Pirate Cat. I feel a small measure your pain, (which was bad enough!) having been let down several times getting Maman her dog, fingers crossed it'll work out for you.

Edited at 2015-12-22 03:16 am (UTC)

Thanks, guys. I was so taken by that little guy. I was shocked as well as upset, when I was told he'd gone. I was convinced we'd come to an agreement...Still, there certainly are enough cats out there needing homes for me to find another good match.

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