Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Why, Oh Why?...

So I rang up the cat shelter I'd contacted several times, to make an appointment to meet the wee black pirate cat I'd fallen in love with online. I'd explained that I was going to be away until just before Christmas, but wanted to arrange a 'viewing' ASAP after the hols. I got the same woman, who told me that he'd already been re-homed! "We have to get them out quickly." Shit! I'm really quite upset. I was consoling myself in this gloomily warm , empty-lapped Christmastide, that I'd soon have a catmate living here again. Well, I hope he's in a good, loving gaff.

Then I discovered I'd lost my bus pass on the way home Saturday! My knees were really hurting and I had to walk home from Clapham Junction. Not terribly far, but my mood was not good.
Good news of the day: Loofer is back, and Ygritte's his sidekick, in a nicely revolting cannibal-killer yarn. Well, it's something.


In Venice: Naughty devils, by glass artist Lucio Bubacco

Travel notes & doodles (1)


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