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Self-Portrait, UK

I'm peeved that I didn't know about this. I should have.Would have liked to submit. Too late, now. There's a lot a very nice stuff,anyway, well worth visiting. and free, too. I didn't go to the ICA again. I don't know why I keep avoiding it. Still, plenty of time to catch the show. I took some throw-away cameras to Boots for developing, and picked up the current (251) COMICS JOURNAL with a nice piece by Chris Lanier about the GRRR Festival. Wonder if I'll actually be able to go?
Strange, ominous atmosphere in the streets today, or is it just my imagination?
Just finished off that awful celery concoction. I threw some tinned mushrooms, noodles and loads more savoury powders into it, and it was a bit better than yesterday, but basically Ick. Cheap eats, though. (Of course, I've blown money on the CJ., LOVE AND ROCKETS [can't resist when Izzy's in it-] and yet another skull-bead bracelet)While I was mooching in the little market behind St-Martin's-In-The-Fields, I saw all these gorgeous amber beads being laid out. There were several strands of the huge gobstopper-sized ones I favour, and I asked the jolly Eastern Europaean woman how much, just out of curiosity. "£1000", sez she, quite casually. A less impressive set: "only £500"- Apart from anything else, she had them just lying about on a table. I mean it's one of those markets that specialise in hairy Peruvian hats, gonks,touristy beer mats and stuff. Odd, very odd-

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