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On My Travels...
Off to Venice in the morning, and, as usual, suffering huge anxiety about the actual getting there.Eeeee...
Wish I could post photos. I'm sure it's going to be pretty amazing. R Next Door, whose last husband was somebody 'famous', she says, used to take her to the Biennale, where they hobnobbed with movie stars, and Venice is her favourite place on earth. She likes in when it's hot and sunny, though, which I couldn't endure. I'm looking forward to the poetic melancholy.
Fingers crossed that nothing 'orrible happens. If I can't get to a PC, I'll be back online Saturday/Sunday.


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Have fun! The travelling is always a giant, stressful pain in the bum, but it always seems worth it once you get there and safely ensconced in your hotel or hostel room. :)

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