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*Almost* Wintry...
Wore a Village Idiot Hat in the park for the first time this season. Still haven't had the heat switched on, yet, however. I think this year  is the latest ever.
I feel sick again. Nausea all the time.. Pre-travel nerves? Still using up loads of 'ManSize' tissues with the remains of the cold, too. Meh.
CAPITAL came to a rather pat conclusion; happyish endings for all but the illegal immigrant girl, her sad, sweet suitor, and the dead old lady.
I watch FLOG IT and other shows of that type pretty regularly, I'm afraid. Today I was quite shocked by a comment I saw about chubster silver expert Michael Baggott...I've always considered him a rather jolly sort of geek, with his pin-striped tent suits and ginger beard.Some person declared that they just could not bear to watch when he was on, sickened by the spectacle of someone so FAT daring to appear on TV...So much shaming, blaming and hating. *Sigh*
THE LAST KINGDOM ended with a rousing battle. It was a better series than I expected. I found the young hero a bit of a bland glamour boy at first, but he rather grew on me as the saga progressed.



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