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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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destroy planets
Feeling pretty meh at the moment. My nose is runny again, and I feel queasy and headachy. FUCK. Fingers crossed that it's just a passing yuck.
Most of the series I've been following religously on TV are ending. LES REVENANTS was still good, but seemed in danger of going the way of THE WALKING DEAD. Just too much complication, too many characters.It's always been mysterious, but I was finding it very difficult to make any sense of. LONDON SPY had a pretty preposterous ending, but, in fairness, it was a pretty unlikely tale all along, but just so stylish and well acted that it was irresistible.LAST KINGDOM, which has been better than expected, finishes this week, along with CAPITAL, and DOCTOR WHO's season ended Saturday, with bloody annoying Clara still sort of around.
Saw an old Hammer film I think I'd missed, along the line, BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB, which actually had plenty of pizzaz. It looked really good, and the story based on one by Stoker, was quite interesting.
Lots of drizzle this morning, so I went and got my Euros first, then went to the park around lunchtime. Still got misted on.
Got my hair cut, and am now in Curly Stooge mode, but comfy.
Anyone who knows Venice have any tips on cheap food and cafes to people-watch in without paying a tenner or more for a coffee? Is a drink in Cafe Florian actually worth it?

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Unfortunately "cheap" and "Venice" have rarely been associated together. There are reasonably-priced places with stuff to take out, but they know people want to people-watch and they charge accordingly. It's usually a couple of extra euros to sit outside. There's also the problem of actually finding a place you're looking for! You will no doubt stumble across some decent places though while in the process of getting lost.

Re Caffe Florian - depends what you're after. When I was in Venice I couldn't afford McDonalds, let alone Caffe Florian, but my subsequent experience of "iconic" places of that type is that they're frequently disappointing. They know they're popular so they don't have to try, especially in the service department, and sniffy service can ruin an experience. If you decide the hot chocolate is worth it, bear in mind that you have to add to the ten-euro price of the chocolate another six euro "music fee" aka charge for sitting down. I believe other places in St Mark's Square are cheaper, although not actually *cheap*, obviously.

Indeed! Better to know before you get the bill though - that would kill the buzz and no mistake. I was wrong about the chocolate: it's now 12 euros 50. !!!!!

Maybe I'll go on my last day there, if (some chance!) I happen to have lots of money left...

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